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I’d look forward to having an initial conversation with you – no commitment – to understand your needs and desired outcomes regarding leadership development. I’ll provide a few general services below on how I can help.

General Services


I can meet with individuals and provide mentoring to improve their leadership skills and help them become better leaders.

I start by getting to know them as individuals and then understand their specific situation and their goals, and then mutually decide where to focus.


I’ve taught and facilitated many different courses (0.5 to 4 days) on both general leadership and on specific leadership competencies and skills. I prefer to first understand your specific situation, needs and desired outcomes.

Then I can provide training in the areas that would specifically be of help to you and your organization. Some specific leadership competencies I’ve studied and trained on include Communication, Trust, Business Acumen, Decision-Making, Negotiation, and Delegation.


As I have developed or helped develop several leadership programs, I can work with organizations to help develop a leadership program suitable for their needs.

I will start by understanding and assessing the situation and determining what the focus and goals of the program should be.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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